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No.1685071 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:23
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„€„} „ƒ„‡„u„}„...
Most of the middle class are lazy.
There I said it.
In fact 99% of them are lazy.
If you work hard you move to upper middle class or rich. Tragedy happens, spouse dies, you go bk, get a major injury, lose home in a flood etc. You are poor.
The middle class are perfectly healthy people who just decided to float through life, working just hard enough but not too hard.


No.1685073 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:23
I am the new guy
I value it!


No.1685077 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:23
@ContributorF„~„p„q„€„‚„ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„u „...
Sorry, Christopher Story never existed and his real personage is akin to Benjamin Fulford.
Therefore, There was Never A C. Story who paid with his life.
ALL fable and giant rabbithole.


No.1685078 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:23
@ContributorF„}„€„~„€„‡„‚„€„} „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚„u„ƒ...
on aku dah try guna metrotwit ni..tu pun lps tgk gambar kat fan page fb jomphp. memang stylo hbis a guna. stakat ni aku puas hati walaupun kdg2 ada crash.


No.1685028 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:22
@ContributorF„{„p„|„Ž„{„…„|„‘„„„€„‚ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r...
9-7-12cristi spune: Cand dau play la un film pe vlc sau bsplayer mi se vede negru tot.
. pe youtube si pe altele merge dar cand dau la un film numai negru .. ma poate ajuta cineva ?
-12V-a ajutat acest raspuns?


No.1685031 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:22
@ContributorF„„„€„r„p„‚„ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„‘ „...
Hi Emmy,I will begin my foundation degree in intergrative Humanistic/Existential and Gestalt this September.
I believe your posts will be invaluable to me, as both a source of information and inspiration.Thank youMark C.


No.1685038 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:22
@ContributorF„x„€„|„€„„„„u „‚„…„‰„{„y „ƒ„p„z„„ „r„„...
I wasn’t around for mid-nineties hog basketball, but according to the TV commentaters it felt like mid-nineties hog basketball in the Bud last night.
Even from my couch, I could tell a major difference.
It was fun to watch.I don’t have any fingernails left this morning.


No.1685040 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:22
@ContributorF„{„p„‚„„„y„~„ „„€ „~„€„}„u„‚„p„} „q„u„...
We have just moved into a new house.
It has a real fireplace that needs sweeping.
I've booked a sweep which is totally exotic in itself. Soon I will go to the cemetery which is half-wilderness and buy logs that have been chopped from over graves.
A very Victorian Christmas!


No.1685044 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:22
@ContributorF„‚„…„ƒ„ƒ„{„p„‘ „„‚„€„s„‚„p„}„}„p „t„|„‘...
Easily, the post is in reality the greatest topic on this registry related issue.
I harmonize with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your coming updates.
Saying thanks will not just be adequate, for the exceptional clarity in your writing.
I will at once grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates.


No.1685047 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:22
@ContributorF„„„‚„p„†„p„‚„u„„ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y...
I “drank the kool-aid” (hate that saying, but it seems appropriate here last week, and am a new twitter addict this week. Twitter has definitely reignited my interst in online discovery — I’ve visited more new sites/discovered new sources of info/tested more new apps this week than in the past few months.
It’s exciting.
I hope it lasts.


No.1685049 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:22
Chatroulette Free
Play SugarHouse offers five roulette games.
As a matter of fact the roulette wheel is the international symbol for gambling.


No.1685050 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:22
@ContributorF„ƒ„‡„u„}„p „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „ƒ„€„r„p
I have this app on my phone and LOVE it – I use it daily at the gym, whether its for hitting the heavy bag, tabata or doing cardio intervals, its a great tool to have.
Would love to have one for those outdoor workouts where I don't want to take my iphone along


No.1685016 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:21
@ContributorF„„€„ƒ„„„u„|„Ž„~„€„u „ƒ„p„„„y„~ „ƒ „r„„...
I savor, cause I found exactly what I used to be having a look for.
You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt!
God Bless you man. Have a great day.


No.1685018 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:21
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „q„y„ƒ„u„‚„€„} „{„€„~„u„{
why don’t we (the readers here start doing something.
Every long journey starts with the first step and now is the time to start doing something instead of just writing a few words.
Join the NRA, go talk to your elected leaders, volunteer to pass out fliers at the mall. Whatever you can think of, do it.
And yes I am doing some of those things and have been for a long while.
But it will take ALL OF US doing.
Only then will the politicians understand that we are serious.
It won’t happen overnight so keep up the work and finally we will have victory,


No.1685021 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:21
@ContributorF„ƒ„p„z„„ „p„|„}„p„x„~„p„‘ „}„€„x„p„y„{„p
Often one needs to send a request to the carnival organiser nominating a post, but in this case I had managed to get a month when I had time to collect a number of posts for myself


No.1685006 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:17
@ContributorF„ƒ„…„„„p„w„~„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p
Funny thing, making binding, it seems like such a tedious job before I begin and then I really enjoy it.
Actually I find it quite a satisfying part of quilting!


No.1685007 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:17
@ContributorF„„„u„}„p „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„€„}
all my favortie games are pickecd.
Bills vs Oilers, Bills 51-3 (my first live game in attendance as a child and BIG SKINNY im with ya ill help you beat the daylights outta anyone mentioning the music city debacle!
my pick- the monday night game a few years back after Brett Farve’s father died.
Ive never been more moved by a personal performance in the eyes of personal conflict before.
One of the many things i will miss with #4 retired.
What a night though…


No.1685010 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:17
@ContributorF„r„€„t„€„‚„p„ƒ„„„r„€„‚„y„}„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„...
people can hate on Ngog as much as they want but despite the inferior opposition today you can see the improvements .. give him some time in the team and experience on the pitch and we're going to have a decent striker on our hands ..


No.1685011 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:17
@ContributorF„ƒ„„„p„‚„„u „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„€...
about the only thing it was good for is if you were going to have a gun fight in a telephone booth.A shotgun loaded with slugs and/or buck is a truly fearsome weapon. I used to know a guy who was a career burglar.
Pretty nice guy, actually, other than that habit of his of breaking into people’s houses and stealing stuff. I remember him telling me that the sound most feared by burglars was that of a pump shotgun being racked and the sight no burglar ever wanted to see was a frightened woman pointing a gun at him.  Robert Bruce Thompson


No.1684982 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:16
@ContributorF„{„p„‚„„„y„~„ „„€ „~„€„}„u„‚„p„} „€„„„...
Yay for promotion and yay for sunshine too!
Don’t have woe or worry about the new starters being older than you – having been on the other side of that one, they will be more worried that they’re older than you and envious about how much you’ve achieved by 23. By the way, I will read Bel Canto soon I promise!


No.1684997 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:16
@ContributorF„{„p„‚„„„y„~„ „„€ „~„€„}„u„‚„p„} „~„p ...
In the USA, capital gain is the difference of what you paid for the land, plus improvements subtracted from the sale price.
Ex; Paid 10,000, irrigation system 5, 000. Sold land for 25,000. Capital Gain would be 10,000. Currently taxed at your personal bracket.
15% to 33%References : Was this answer helpful?


No.1684998 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:16
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „|„u„~„„„p„}„y „ƒ„r„€„y„}...
I loove your collection and that gold Coach purse is amazing!
I have one that’s neutral (it’s a Coach patch bag that I’ve had for like three years now.
I think it’s time for a change though :- how much for buying one bag and shipping to usa ?
Is it free shipping ?


No.1685000 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:16
@ContributorF„q„u„|„€„ƒ„~„u„w„{„p „{„p„‚„„„y„~„p „„€...
you must eat healthy, to fill yourself up eat lots of veg with your lean meats, plenty fruit to, ask your mum to get plenty of it in, keep of the sweets ,crisps, and all the other rubbish, your mum will help you.


No.1685001 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:16
@ContributorF„s„t„u „{„…„„y„„„Ž „q„y„ƒ„u„‚ „t„|„‘ „r...
Come on, this gotta be a joke!
Comparing an oldschool 2 decade-old film that was made in the 80′s and released in 1990 to a current Gen one.
Back then there was no CGI or 3D or HD. DUHHH!!!
I am a video gamer and it’s like comparing the original Nintendo NES Mario Bros with Wii’s Super Mario Galaxy regardless if they have the “same basic story”


No.1685003 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:16
@ContributorF„}„u„‚„u„w„{„p „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „ƒ„‡„u„}„
Isabel zegt:Wat een mooie nagedachtenis voor je overleden vriend.
En je tekst op je ribben vind ik zeer goede keuze.
Zoiets wil ik ook nog.
Al wacht ik wel even tot ik ooit kinderen heb gehad .X


No.1685004 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:16
@ContributorF„}„u„|„{„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p
Hey I like the 17 year girl thing, nothing wrong with that mate.
“unless your gay of course”There are many more reasons to go to Koh Phangan, the party is only one night…


No.1684963 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:15
@ContributorF„}„p„s„p„x„y„~ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„u „q„y„ƒ...
You can’t just use taxes to out-and-out confiscate things.
That’s wrong.
No matter what you’re confiscating.
If you want to take away their money, then why even bother with passing a tax law?
Why not just send US Marshalls to collect the funds?


No.1684964 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:15
@ContributorF„ƒ„p„z„„ „x„€„|„€„„„€„u „‚„…„~„€ „r„„Š„...
I’m sorry I have to tell you that these figures that I have seen wasn’t even when I woke up …it was everywhere…suddenly when I walk around the house I see them!
but they have never shown in my dreams or even when I woke up!
it’s really weird and strange!


No.1684970 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:15
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„€„} „t„p„}
Ann Brenner - Every picture is more beautiful than the next.
Of course you had a gorgeous bride and handsome groom to work with which made it easier.
I look at them all the time!


No.1684940 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:14
@ContributorFpixel art „‚„p„ƒ„{„‚„p„ƒ„{„p „„€ „~„€„}...
I enjoyed your post very much. Wow.
..what amazing finds.
Time Washed.
..I love your blog name.
So sweet.
Have a beautiful weekend, Best Wishes, Bobbie


No.1684945 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:14
@ContributorF„„€„|„~„p„‘ „p„|„}„p„x„~„p„‘ „}„€„x„p„y...
Why not, today, Cathy?!
I think I need to think in that mind set.
Do it today and you can do something else tomorrow.
It is cutting down on my reading time, but I can work around that!
Happy Sunday!


No.1684948 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:14
@ContributorF„ƒ„‡„u„}„p „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „„€ „†„€„„„€ ...
hello diane.
i’m inquiring on behalf of my wife, who thoroughly enjoys pilates.
she has been traveling to the outer richmond and we live in nob hill, so we’re looking for somewhere closer.
i see that you are the teacher for the monday and friday group classes?
she is off on those days, so it would work nicely.
how much do the sessions cost?
are there monthly/yearly memberships available?
thank you for your help diane.


No.1684953 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:14
@ContributorF„w„u„|„„„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p
Truthfully I don’t know how the bill will create jobs.
I can see the government administration/pencil-pusher jobs being created like you can. Although the more people that have access to health care, the more demand there will be for nurses, medical assistants, doctors and lab techs.


No.1684955 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:14
@ContributorF„ƒ„„„p„~„€„{ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„‘ „...
I understand the irritation with the language but the PC left has spent decades making "fascist", "racist" and "Nazi" into bogey words.
I think the right should take advantage of that and use them at every oppurtunity about their opponents.
As the PC left and Islam are currently the groups that most fit what the lefties *mean* when they say those words e.
g totalitarian bully, that should speed up the demise of those words as a political weapon imo. Hoist them on their own petard.
(Personally I think Nazism is nationalist marxism and Communism is internationalist marxism.


No.1684956 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:14
@ContributorF„ƒ„‡„u„}„ „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„y„{...
wrote an article about how to tell the difference between AP and LD’s.
Astral Projection and Dreaming Does Lucid Dreaming Lead to Astral Projection?
Read both of those for some insight.


No.1684957 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:14
@ContributorF„ˆ„r„u„„„€„‰„~„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „ƒ„‡„u...
Over welke wet heb jij het dan?
Daar is mij namelijk niets van bekend.
Daarbij, wetten zijn voor mij niet onveranderlijk.Reactie is geredigeerd


No.1684913 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:13
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „p„„„|„p„ƒ„~„„}„y „|„u„~...
21 Chainlink won the 2012 Cape Fear Blue Marlin Tournament on Saturday, making this the second consecutive year their all female angling crew has taken top honors in this


No.1684915 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:13
Comment Crιer Un Web site Internet
Ensuite, effacez wordpresselegantthemesdivi du premier champ afin que votre website soit installι ΰ la racine de votre domaine.


No.1684922 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:13
@ContributorF„y„x„‘„‹„~„€„u „‚„…„{„€„t„u„|„y„u „r„„Š...
You are right about the dress - I can see lots of possibilities.
I have sent you a special award.
I think your investment shows how difficult it can be not to spend any money!


No.1684923 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:13
@ContributorF„~„y„„„{„y „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„‘ „q„...
Yes, at the time even liberals were angry.
It was certainly possible to state that no one had the right to lash out at people or take the law into their own hands.
.. without at the same time singing the praises of Islam.


No.1684893 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:12
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„y „s„t„u „{„…„„y„„„Ž „r „}...
A very fascinating article – Thanks so much, I hope you don’t mind me blogging about this article on my own website.
I will also link back to this post.
Thank you, a top rate article.


No.1684897 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:12
@ContributorF„}„p„s„p„x„y„~ „~„p„q„€„‚„€„r „t„|„‘ „r„...
Wow , thank you great publish about shemales , I love them and I hope you’ll quickly wrote some far more!
Yet again thank you !


No.1684898 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:12
@ContributorF„p„|„}„p„x„~„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „„‚„y„‚...
I'd like to thank Twig Leveque, good friend and recent soccer convert, for the original caption under Maradona's picture.
I'd like to thank the appearance of Diego Forlan, Uruguay striker, for recently converting to soccer my good friend Twig Leveque.


No.1684899 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:12
I am the new guy
Milk Monitor by Milo Inventive - This app for breast-feeding mums records the times of your baby's feeds, dozes, medications and damp and dirty nappies.


No.1684907 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:12
@ContributorF„…„x„€„‚„ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „{„‚„u„...
Thanks for the advice.
I will see what I can do. I just added the Google Plus button and will look at adding more.
What I liked about trackbacks was that I could comment on someone’s blog (do onto others but have it appear on my own. I guess I’ll have to pair writing comments with mentioning interesting posts on my blog.
Something like: I read this cool post and made a comment, come join the conversation.I will check out your news aggregator.
I was looking for more sites to follow and having trouble this weekend, so the link comes at a good time.


No.1684910 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:12
@ContributorF„q„u„ƒ„„|„p„„„~„p„‘ „„‚„€„s„‚„p„}„}„ ...
Hello there!
My spouse and I often write guest articles or blog posts for other blog site owners to help increase exposure to our work, as well as provide superb articles to website owners.
It’s a win win situation!
If you happen to be interested feel free to contact me at: so we may communicate further.


No.1684865 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:11
@ContributorF„{„…„„|„ „‚„…„‰„~„…„ „r„„Š„y„r„{„… „...
For instance, solar panels on the roof could give much needed energy to take some stress off of the car battery.
And also, what about wind power?
When driving down the highway, wouldn’t it be possible to use some of that wind resistance for power?
Any thoughts on this?


No.1684866 F2019/04/02(Tue) 03:11
@ContributorF„ƒ„|„p„r„‘„~„ƒ„{„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „x„~...
Si, c’est pas mon genre d’ailleurs, je suis plutot indifferent envers les religions, juste que la c’est dans le summum de la connerie humaine, et etre calme changera rien, un con est un con et l’appeler par un autre nom ne change rien.


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