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No.1635395 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:43
@ContributorF„{„p„‚„„„y„~„ „„€ „~„€„}„u„‚„p„} „x„y„...
it a million times: you can have the worst movie in the world on your hands, but if you put Oliver Platt in it, it will come off as gold.
The man is incapable of putting in a shitty performance.
And if you’re into Bill Pullman, you should check him out in SURVEILLANCE.


No.1635344 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:42
@ContributorF„q„u„ƒ„„|„p„„„~„„u „{„p„‚„„„y„~„{„y „t...
on road kill and why it’s a riotOoooh!
Sheila just reposted what I think is her funniest story EVER. I read it when she originally posted it and then several times after and it always reduces me to hysterics.


No.1635349 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:42
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„€„} 1
Thanks Raven. My phase has lasted about 3 years.
lol Today I am meeting a friend for Starbucks and a walk around a beautiful park. . . although, she doesn’t know we are walking yet….


No.1635357 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:42
@ContributorF„ˆ„u„~„p „s„€„„„€„r„€„z „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „...
Rock on, Marla!
I watched In The Loop this week.  Excellent stuff, but for me it kinda fizzled towards the end.
  It now may be the best swearing movie I’ve ever seen, besting even Glengarry Glenn Ross and anything Samuel L. Jackson has done.
Rock on, Marla!


No.1635318 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:41
@ContributorF„}„…„w„ƒ„{„€„z „‡„p„|„p„„ „ƒ „y„}„u„~„~„...
5107Now i am genuinely fresh to wordpress blogs.
however what you post on this web site is completely really good and quite beneficial. I believe it would help me within the future.
Thanks for the outstanding work.


No.1635329 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:41
@ContributorF„s„€„„„€„r„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚„u„ƒ„„...
Love this blog and this song.
I read another interpretation once — the “You” in the title is death or heaven or God or somesuch and it’s actually about the day before some terrible accident?


No.1635334 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:41
@ContributorF„ƒ„‡„u„}„ „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „r„€„|„{„€„r„€...
So genius.
I think Toy Story should run with that for Toy Story 14 or whatever number they’re on now.
I neither confirm nor deny that I’ve committed any such murder.


No.1635284 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:40
@ContributorF„{„p„‚„„„y„~„ „„€ „~„€„}„u„‚„p„} „‚„€„...
I call "BS".Mish routinely gets two to five times the comments of CD. I don't accept this link nonsense declaring which are the "top" blogs.
It's just another mischaracterization of data.I give credit for smarter-than-your-average bears commenting here.
Even Calculated Risk gets mostly chatter in the comments.


No.1635304 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:40
@ContributorF„ƒ„{„p„‰„p„„„Ž „„‚„€„s„‚„p„}„}„… „t„|„‘...
I think there could be some justification for leaving this photo loose if you were shooting for a magazine.
They like to have nice double trucks to throw text in front of. That right side would be perfect for a catchy headline, sub-head, maybe a text box. So in that sense, I guess it depends on who you plan on selling this to, or who you are shooting for.
Newspapers will almost always prefer it tight, thus a vertical. Mags are a different story.


No.1635228 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:35
@ContributorF„„‚„€„s„‚„p„}„}„… „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „ƒ„{„p...
Hi Karen,Good points here and communication is key.
It is true that selecting the right words is important to convey the right message and of course having tact in getting it across to the other person. As a practice, I’d like to put myself in the other person’s shoes as being the recipient of what I am trying to express.
Thanks for sharing,Nelly


No.1635256 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:35
@ContributorF„‚„€„w„t„u„ƒ„„„r„u„~„ƒ„{„y„u „r„„Š„y„r„...
Thanks , I have just been looking for info approximately this subject for ages and yours is the greatest I have found out till now.
However, what in regards to the conclusion?
Are you positive concerning the source?


No.1635189 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:34
@ContributorF„|„u„€„~„p„‚„t„€ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p
/The decay reported in Japan, at a Kyoto gathering of particle physicists, emerged – like the presumed Higgs – from light-speed collisions in the LHC that recreate the primeval disorder that followed the Big Bang some 13.7 billion years ago./– reuters.
LHC is the greatest engineering marvel of our time.


No.1635213 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:34
How To Choose Professional Expedited Pas...
In addition, there's the charge for the passport card, and a separate fee that should be paid to the Acceptance Facility for his or her companies.


No.1635171 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:33
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„u „x„€„|„€„„„€„}
I love Golden Ponies so much!!
My favourites are the Biba Mary Jane heels, the Flopy Doctor bag and the Mady leather duo bag!
(I couldn't choose just one.


No.1635180 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:33
@ContributorF„~„p„q„€„‚„ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„‘ „...
You can certainly see your expertise in the paintings you write.
The sector hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe.
At all times follow your heart.
“History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.” by Napoleon.


No.1635181 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:33
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „~„y„„„{„p„}„y „}„…„|„y„~...
It sounds awesome.
I am wondering what it is like to do all these as a woman. A few friends of mine tried to explore Delhi for a couple days and described it as a total nightmare.
What they experienced seems related to their gender.
Have any of your female friends done these same things and how was it for them?
Any advice for women wandering around Delhi?


No.1635140 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:32
@ContributorF„y„~„„„u„‚„~„u„„ „}„p„s„p„x„y„~ „r„„Š„y...
This is a great update but they will kill the WebOS platform all together if they keep making releases too soon. Non-4G as we move into the 4g era, not utilizing screen space, lack of dynamic applications or front facing camera. Overall 2.0 is a great improvement though if their investing money into these phones they may run at a lost as Palm support base are typically the same customers or customers that will easily move towards other phones if their contract are offset and non-timely.


No.1635145 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:32
@ContributorF„p„|„}„p„x„~„p„‘ „}„€„x„p„y„{„p „ƒ„p„t„€...
is exactly what i go through. so nice to see i’m not alone!
and you are an inspiration b/c i know i may be doing this sooner than later with #2!
and p.s.
how does one become a freelance writer?
i’ve always wondered how people do that!


No.1635146 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:32
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „r „ƒ„„„y„|„u „„‚„€„r„p„...
elegant strokes.
there are a lot of…luxury calligraphy ink and sets available today.
give these to your friends who are into arts, architecture and design.5. desk accessoriesmost of us spend hours and hours in front of our working desks.
finding something nice to look at while working…


No.1635120 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:31
@ContributorF„~„p„q„€„‚„ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„‘ „...
Hi, I tried to comment on your post on google+. I just started my own account over there and acting like a complete novice.
Not sure if you’re able to see that comment or if I’m really able to comment on your posts.
Anyways I just wanted to let you know that I put a link to your blog on mine and if you know of any other good ones then please let me know.
best regardsGunso


No.1635121 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:31
@ContributorF„ƒ„|„€„w„~„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p
Thanks Gene.
In retrospect, I should’ve also mentioned Peter Jesperson, the “Fifth Mat” and a mentor to Slobberbone since being hired by their label, New West, in 1999. His relationship with The Replacements was far more hands-on and personal, but the continuity between the two bands is perfect and totally appropriate.


No.1635100 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:30
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„€„} „t„|„‘ „}„...
I just got a LA and am trying to figure out how to do things.
On your border do you do one strip then cut thread and do the other side or do you do it continuous sewing by going down then over up then over?
Hope that makes sense.
I'm really having trouble visualizing travel tricks.


No.1635078 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:29
@ContributorF„|„u„s„{„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „|„u„~„„„p„}...
something incredibly impressive –more like youve painted a pretty picture more than an issue that you know nothing about!
I dont want to sound mean, here.
But do you really think that you can get away with adding some fairly pictures and not seriously say something?


No.1635081 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:29
@ContributorF„„‚„€„ƒ„„„p„‘ „ƒ„‡„u„}„p „r„„Š„y„r„{„y...
I would issue a call to anyone with a credit card…..screw em. DON’T and send a message to the banks that they can take their usury and their credit ratings and shove em….Americans are sick of it.


No.1635083 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:29
@ContributorF„x„p„s„€„„„€„r„{„y „r„„Š„y„r„€„{
I just stumbled across your blog while looking for a cast iron skillet pizza recipe!!
We just purchased our skillet and I had some recipes for homemade pizza. I wasn’t sure if I would need to par bake the dough though, I always have problems when I try to bake it flat on my stone.
It never bakes through in the middle.
It’s always doughy.
I am excited to find this recipe and now I can’t wait to make the sauce too. It sounds delicious!!


No.1635085 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:29
@ContributorF„x„~„p„{„y „r„„Š„y„r„{„y
"If you love peanut butter?
" Am amazed that someone would not be craving this.
Must check my freezer for peanuts!
Rich and satisfying and you know I love ease.
And note to self: check freezer before ordering meat.


No.1635042 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:28
@ContributorF„‚„„w„y„z „{„€„„ „‡„€„|„ƒ„„„ „„€ „~„€...
Sleeves exist in some kind of weird place in the space-time continuum, where it doesn’t matter how many stitches, what size needle, or what gauge yarn you use, they go on forever.
I wish vests would come back into style


No.1635047 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:28
Im glad I now registered
Very good info Thanks a lot!

No.1635058 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:28
@ContributorF„ƒ„‡„u„}„p „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „„€ „†„€„„„€
I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was wondering what all is needed to get setup?
I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?
I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% sure.
Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.


No.1635013 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:27
@ContributorF„y„ƒ„„„€„‚„y„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „q„y„ƒ„u„‚...
Why, oh why, are they so quick to wipe away the goodness and mush it all up in a napkin?
Can’t they save it on a plate, or something?
I want to see the total quantity in one big pile of oozy, gooey, ZIT, creamy, yummy-ness.


No.1635014 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:27
@ContributorF„„„u„}„p„„„y„{„p „ƒ„‡„u„} „r„„Š„y„r„{„y
I am a fan of your site and of Blawan, but I can’t really understand where you suggest the shock and awe of this track to lie, nor the distance from conventional house.
time will tell i suppose!


No.1635027 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:27
@ContributorF„„‚„€„s„‚„p„}„}„ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„y...
Children with disabilities No wonder I had problems finding Marketa Morgan… that’s an alias for Marketa Brymova. Also you can look up Marketa Laysova, but the main is the second name given, and oh my god she’s just a Grade-A fuck machine.


No.1635033 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:27
@ContributorF„w„p„‚ „„„„y„ˆ„p „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „€„†„y„...
Ich vermisse mein Paket mit der Sendungsummer LK07 8833 660U S bei USPS. Habe bereits eine Anfrage wegen der Paketverfolgung bei USPS gestartet aber nur eine unzureichende und verwirrende Antwort erhalten. Wie kann ich weiter vorgehen?


No.1635036 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:27
@ContributorF„y„}„„u„‚„y„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„y
marco scrive:un telefilm francese in onda alla sera, non mi ricordo l’ora….c’erano un gruppo di briganti molto allegri, era un telefilm comico…mi sembra sul secondo canale . grazie, Marco


No.1635000 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:26
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„u „‚„y„ƒ„…„~„{„€„r „~„p...
Hello: I appreciate the wonderful opportunity that you have given all of us on Youtube.
I need your help. My videos are very very very slow now, slower than they have been. I can tell by the amount being watched, and when I watch them, and by comments from others about my videos.
Would you check to make sure that what you have control over has not been accidentally changed?
Thank you for helping me.
Sincerely, Cindy Rodkney


No.1634978 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:22
8 Habits Of Extremely Successful Leaders
Find a business idea that helps you achieve you're most significant objectives in life'nd keep pushing towards it till you're there.


No.1634965 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:21
@ContributorF„t„u„‚„w„p„„„u„|„Ž „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~...
I am having so much trouble using your actions with PSE10. Are they not meant for 10?
I am new to PSE but whenever I go to use my brush tool it never let's me do it.
I'm getting really frustrated because I would love to use your actions.


No.1634968 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:21
@ContributorF„{„€„r„‚„€„r„p „r„„Š„y„r„{„p
Hi Tammy, I thought the same thing when I first read about it too!
I really like that every herb I’ve tried so far has been completely undetectable in the finished product; even the strongly flavored olive leaf tea which my kids usually gag and act like they’re going to die just from one spoonful of it!


No.1634972 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:21
I am the new one
Amazing all kinds of amazing advice!


No.1634952 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:20
@ContributorF„‚„p„}„{„p „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„‘
Giusto Antulio!!!
E pensare che si stanno “distruggendo” da soli. Noi atei, liberi pensatori ce ne stiamo ad aspettare senza aver mosso un dito.E chi lo avrebbe detto!!!


No.1634909 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:19
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„u „s„|„p„t„Ž„ „{„‚„u„ƒ...
Een stem op de cda of d66 is een stem op de vvd.
Een stem op de sp is een weggegooide stem hoe sympathiek hun plannen ook lijken. Ze hebben al eens bewezen dat ze geen regeringsverantwoordelijkheid durven te dragen.Trouwens Larie als we kijken naar de peilingen en de kandidatenlijst van de SP, is de kans groot dat er straks 1 op de 10 kamerleden van de SP een niet westerse allochtoon is, dus twee keer het landelijk gemiddelde.
Maar eigenlijk is het een onterechte vraag, Sadet Karabulut is naar mijn weten gewoon een socialist door en door.


No.1634914 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:19
@ContributorF„~„u„t„€„‚„€„s„€ „~„p„q„€„‚„ „p„|„}„p„x...
Gerri, Thanks for alerting us to this show.
Will try to get over to see it before it closes.
Have just finished reading a Louise Erdrich novel that has the same humbling effect re the deep reverance American Indians have for THEIR (not our land and the spirtual traditions and wisdowm of their anceestors.


No.1634893 F2019/03/30(Sat) 21:18
@ContributorF„}„p„s„p„x„y„~„ „~„p„q„€„‚ „t„|„‘ „r„„...
I get vertigo, too!!!
Maybe just tone it down a bit and keep the movement on one plane instead of two next time!!
Here is what I want to add….at this forty-something age…I wear my sneakers out when I go dancing (at Taylor’s.
I do this because I am THERE to dance.
And I don’t give a hoot what anyone thinks…I need to move and I need to survive to dance another night!
But I sooo admire your courage to go dancing alone at a place you’ve never been before…you rock!
Next time (with a little notice I’d LOVE to go with!


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