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No.1683279 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:35
@ContributorF„{„p„‚„„„y„~„ „„€ „~„€„}„u„‚„p„} „{„p„...
If you dont mind, exactly where do you host your weblog?
I am searching for a great web host and your blog appears to be extremely fast and up almost all the time


No.1683281 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:35
@ContributorF„w„…„‚„~„p„| „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „ƒ„‡„u„}„
jaworku, to prawda, zabraklo wyjasnienia (jest przy jakis innych knedlach na Makagigi, ale juz dopisuje:hruba mouka = kasza manna (semolina tez sie nadapolohruba mouka = krupczatkakrupice to moim zdaniem bardzo drobna kasza manna(z krakowska grysik: dalabym krupczatki w miejsce "krupice" albo pol na pok krupczatki i kaszy manny.


No.1683286 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:35
@ContributorF„ƒ„{„p„‰„p„„„Ž „q„u„ƒ„„|„p„„„~„€ „r„„Š...
This is but one of myriad examples of the hypocrisy of the left wing “do as I say and not as I do” attitude.
They think they’re so special and so valuable to society that they alone deserve the right to protect themselves.
Every state in the U.S. has it’s armed anti-gunners who belie their aversion to firearms.
It’s time for a nation-wide purge of these elitists.


No.1683293 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:35
@ContributorF„~„p„q„€„‚„ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„‘ „...
Nice review!
After reading this good review I decided to buy myself a Synology DS1812 filled with 3 Tb WD Red disks.
I will run this in Raid 6 mode and I have bought 1 extra disk for safety since I have read some bad things about WD Green series.
I can offer you to test/review my NAS for this blog if you want to. BRDrSeafood


No.1683294 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:35
@ContributorF„y„{„€„~„ „ƒ„r„‘„„„„‡ „q„y„ƒ„u„‚„€„}
Hi Marsha, You have to “Like” Blik to enter.
You also can only enter using a computer and not using a mobile phone per Facebook. If you’re still having trouble please email with the exact trouble you are having and what browser you are using (such as Safari or Chrome.


No.1683299 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:35
Just want to say Hello.
With thanks!
Lots of material!


No.1683300 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:35
@ContributorF„ƒ„‡„u„}„p „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „ƒ„p„}
Hola que tal, le queria preguntar por que se incha elestomago y tambien el vientre, mas despues de comer, a mi me pasa eso. LES pregunto es cierto que muchas veces es el factor nervioso, el estres o comer muy apurado, me gustaria que me contestaran, por que mayormente tengo el estomago muy hinchado, y me preocupa me hace mal.


No.1683302 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:35
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „q„y„ƒ„u„‚„€„} „{„‚„€„Š„u
Thanks, Ken!
I anticipate another cycle just like the 90′s, when hospitals released physicians practices back into the wild almost as fast as they bought them, but this time we will see some significant differences.
I’d be interested to hear what you are seeing in your consulting practice and what your predictions are!
Best wishes,Mary Pat


No.1683303 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:35
@ContributorF„{„…„„y„„„Ž „~„p„q„€„‚ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„...
Douglas Brininstool / Religious Symbols Did not violate Establishment Clause:Lynch v. Donnelly, 465 U.S. 668, 675, 680 (1984; see also Clever v. Cherry Hill Township Bd.
of Educ., 838 F. Supp. 929 (D.N.J. 1993 (school district policy requiring classrooms to maintain calendars depicting religious and other holidays and permitting seasonal displays that include religious symbols did not violate the Establishment Clause.


No.1683304 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:35
@ContributorF„{„p„‚„„„y„~„ „„€ „~„€„}„u„‚„p„} „ƒ„u„...
Why are you tube video counts freezing at 200 - 250 views ?
I think this is a big problem , people are saying you tube is owned by censoring type corporations that dont want certain political content an their "freespeech" site.
I dont know wheter or not to believe in this but it sure is suspicious.
Seriously, many ppl are now saying Youtube is censoring them and rigging their view counts . Please Fix or stop rigging your view counters it is hurting your reputations.


No.1683263 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:34
@ContributorF„ƒ„„„p„~„€„{ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„‘ „...
I love your hair too. You have the kind of curls I wish I had in my hair, really pretty curls.
And your pictures are lovely too. Or your pictures are actually always lovely.
hihih.I think you would look really good in bangs btw.
<3[] Reply:August 10th, 2012 at 3:46 pmyou are so sweet, julia <3[]


No.1683264 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:34
@ContributorF„„‚„€„ƒ„„„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚„u„ƒ„„...
Hey very nice way you describe the hannukah.But i am unable to understand one thing that your family own a ,how this thing happen means in which event you own the Menorah.


No.1683268 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:34
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„y „r„€„|„{„€„r „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„€...
.. Paso a visitarte porque me percatado que por mi humilde rincon estuviste.
.. gracias por la Visita.En cuanto a tu post, opino igual que tu... Si llega bienvenido sea.


No.1683271 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:34
@ContributorF„Š„{„€„|„p „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„u
Ellie, this looks fabulous.
You mentioned how the recipes in the book has not failed you yet.
. but I think you have a rare talent to produce beautiful dishes just by following recipes.
You don't need to attend cooking classes.
Beautiful photos,as always always.


No.1683273 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:34
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„€„} xsd
Thanks for share it!
I identified a lot with your life experience really congratulate you meet those challenges and be a “madman”who lives to the fullest, working harder than normal and being not only an engineer, but live each day learning and teaching.
I’m sure your life experiences are also summarized in days without sleep, major problems that have generated great lessons, if only I read your blog, I parachute as I know you. Thanks for that!


No.1683274 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:34
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„€„} „„u„z„x„p...
I am looking for some good cholesterol lowering foods and also some low cholesterol meals that are yummy.
Hereditary reasons have caused me to get on a cholesterol medicine but I also want to be proactive in what I eat.
Does anyone have any recipes they can share?
Or know of good yummy foods that lower cholesterol, that are good for you and such. I’m just not big into oatmeal at all. I ate way too much of it as a kid.


No.1683275 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:34
Rachat De Credit score Consommation
Le rachat de crιdits, qui permet une rιduction des mensualitιs de tous ses crιdits en cours, sιduit un nombre croissant de Franηais.


No.1683242 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:33
@ContributorF„ƒ„‡„u„}„ „t„|„‘ „p„|„}„p„x„~„€„z „r„„...
So Mark, instead of trying to make this about me, stay focused.
Pbrain compared the candidates and issues in the upcoming elections to those this nation faced in 1776. I say it’s hyperbole.
How do you feel aout it.
As to the name calling, the moniker Pbrain stays.
If he doesn’t like it, too bad.
. He should have thought about that when Pbrain dredged up an issue from my past that had nothing to do with the subject at hand.
He mocked me even though my position on the long past issue was the same as his.
The difference was that I took action, he merely flaps his yap. By definition the guy is a Pbrain


No.1683243 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:33
@ContributorF„‚„…„{„€„t„u„|„y„u „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„u „{...
Do you might have a spam problem on this web site; I also am a blogger, and I was asking yourself your situation; weve developed some nice techniques and we are looking to exchange solutions with other people, be sure to blast me an e-mail if serious.


No.1683250 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:33
@ContributorF„„‚„€„t„p„„„Ž „r„„Š„y„r„{„… „{„‚„u„ƒ„„...
Best foundation for my skin?
Okay so i am indian with acne scars that are black, SUPER oily skin. What foundation/concealer should i use?
For my scars i get microdermabrasion, but do are there any home remedies?


No.1683220 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:32
@ContributorF„ƒ„{„p„„„u„‚„„„Ž „ƒ „r„„Š„y„r„{„€„z
FoxyGirl - We don't know what good coffee is where I live.
..not that I care, I don't drink it!
But I'm told.
..Liz - I love the idea too. There should be writers-in-residence all over the place, IMO.Oslo - I just hate their little soundbitey gems.
Yes, it's great for Sebabatian Barry but the State didn't get him there.
He did that all by himself!!
Davey - welcome!
And congrats on the book and the residency.
I hope the novel is getting there for you.I have a copy of 'Frothy' but others may want to order, so thanks for the info.


No.1683225 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:32
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „ƒ„‡„u„}„ pdf
Wow, this was a really quality post.
In theory I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a lot and never seem to get something done.


No.1683227 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:32
@ContributorF„{„p„‚„„„y„~„{„y „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y...
Good one your Lordship, two points for our team. (Can you put hyenas in teams?
What would you do with them, haul a sled across the desert?
Seems like we would have seen it on national geographic if it were possible.


No.1683229 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:32
@ContributorF„„„„…„q „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „|„u„~„„„p„}„y
What you said made a lot of sense.
But, think about this, what if you added a little content?
I mean, I dont want to tell you how to run your blog, but what if you added something to maybe get peoples attention?
Just like a video or a picture or two to get people excited about what youve got to say.
In my opinion, it would make your blog come to life a little bit.


No.1683233 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:32
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„€„} „{„p„„„p„|...
oh girl those shoes are to die for!
i hope they're suede as the contrast of the black suede and gold would just make them angelic!
Want want want.


No.1683234 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:32
@ContributorF„…„‚„€„{„y „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„‘ „{„‚„u„ƒ„„...
Thank you for the sensible critique.
Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research on this.
We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more from this post.
I’m very glad to see such excellent information being shared freely out there.


No.1683196 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:31
@ContributorF„ƒ„€„x„t„p„~„y„u „ƒ„‡„u„} „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„...
Hi Mandy, how many Tilda's do you actually have?
I luuuuurve cataloguing and would gladly help you if we lived closer lol.Pretty card as always too.Yes, I would also love to be in the running to win that gorgeous stamp please.
Cheers for nowElaine


No.1683215 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:31
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „€„|„Ž„s„p
Disable all addons or try start firefox safe mode (Launch firefox – go to firefox menu – help – restart with addons disabled.
. Certain firefox addons or plugins also cause such errors.
. You can even try to reset firefox by navigating to firefox menu – help – troubleshooting Information – Reset firefox on the page that opens.
. Reply</a>


No.1683175 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:30
@ContributorF„s„t„u „x„p„{„p„x„p„„„Ž „{„p„‚„„„y„~„ „...
ick &#8211; this looks more like &#8220;THAT&#8221; social networking site now rather than a fun happy site where folks just came for a few laughs.


No.1683180 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:30
@ContributorF„ƒ„‡„u„}„p „r„„Š„y„r„{„y 40 40
...I don't feed trolls, but.
..1: I would do as I have always done and step in 2: I would dial 111 and call the fire department (they will turn up quicker and 4 firefighters are preferable to 2 pumped up cops 3: I have Again gentlemen, I have no issues with cops other than demanding a system of checks and balances that protect our civil rights.
Real simple.
Your need to grind on me personally rather than the issues is sad, chin up lads.


No.1683184 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:30
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „Š„u„r„‚„€„~„€„r
Thanks for this post.
I definitely agree with what you are saying.
I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my mother so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view.
Fingers crossed!


No.1683185 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:30
@ContributorF„ƒ„‡„u„}„p „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „‰„p„ƒ„€„r
22/07/2011 - 5:50amNo se porque me da que el de la cresta no va para el madrid y es que si no eres del clan la cosa es dificil.Higuain debe de estar hasta &#8230;&#8230;.. en todas sale el.Por cierto agustin castellote dio las cifras de alexis hace una semana y acerto totalmente 26 en dos plazos mas los 11 de variables que si no se llegan se jugaran dos partidos amistosos .


No.1683187 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:30
@ContributorF„‚„p„ƒ„{„‚„p„ƒ„{„y „„€ „~„€„}„u„‚„p„} „...
Heya just came upon your website from Google after I entered in, &#8220;Home Price Confusion&#8230; | Amanda J Wilson&#8221; or perhaps something similar (can&#8217;t quite remember exactly.
In any case, I&#8217;m glad I found it simply because your content is exactly what I&#8217;m looking for (writing a college paper and I hope you don&#8217;t mind if I collect some material from here and I will of course credit you as the source.
Thank you so much.


No.1683188 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:30
@ContributorF„ƒ„‰„u„„„~„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p
Hah &#8211; people deleting the blog bookmark &#8211; you only can read things that you 100% agree with. That cracks me up.Check out some of the blogs about Josef Stalin and Chairman Mao, they would agree with you on that kind of lockstep ideological culture warrior crap.Grow up, and learn to be able to critically analyze different points of view without getting so outraged that someone would have their own opinion about their country that they love.
The horror, the horror.


No.1683189 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:30
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „t„|„‘ „t„u„„„u„z „ƒ„‡„u„...
24 billion later in Texas and no benefit.
Wind proponents keep saying wait until the system is expanded, there is always wind somewhere.
Treating the wind grid as some text book fourier analysis.
In the real world it is a bust.
Everything is on the chopping block in Texas&#8230;.no money for decommisioning


No.1683148 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:29
@ContributorF„‚„…„ƒ„ƒ„{„y„u „q„…„{„r„ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p...
Kurt9, the consideration is only one because the nursery my son attends offers Arabic. It does not offer Chinese (which would be more useful on a number of levels, one being personal &#8212; he has Chinese relatives.


No.1683149 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:29
@ContributorF„{„…„„y„„„Ž „r„„Š„y„r„{„… „{„‚„p„ƒ„~„€...
Canoeing, I think - if I can have an activity as a treasure.
I let it slip when I shouldn&#39;t have and gave up on it earlier than I should have.
I couldn&#39;t pick it up now, but I have missed it those years.


No.1683159 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:29
@ContributorF„w„p„‚ „„„„y„ˆ„p „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „€„†„y„...
For the ruling elites and their &#39;cousins&#39;, the government contractors, patronage is the essence of &#39;good governance&#39;. It is this system of patronage that has left the doors to our state coffers open to corruption. It is why our economy is not growing and why foreign crooks tread our shores as &#39;investors&#39;.Simply, it is why nothing works in my country and why merit and pride in it evaporated.


No.1683162 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:29
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „t„|„‘ „~„p„‰„y„~„p„„‹„y...
I definitely have an Inner Muse, and she&#8217;s ticklish!
I know that because I get all tingly when I&#8217;m inspired, and doing my true heart and soul&#8217;s work. I imagine it as my Muse giggling happily inside of me, while I work away Much love and blessings!


No.1683165 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:29
@ContributorF„ƒ„‡„u„}„p „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „|„€„Š„p„t„y
ti se pare ca daca mergem se schimba ceva in bine?
cum te lasi asa de usor convinsa?
cand mi`am capatat dreptul de vot am zis ca voi merge mereu&#8230;..dar sunt SCARBIT!
de tot ceea ce se intampla&#8230;.bun, merg la prezidentiale, il votez pe duda&#8230;vei vedea ca nu se va schimba nimic apropos&#8230;..mergi la vot cand o vezi pe ridzi ce face, in conditiile in care ea i`a sustinut financiar campania ebei &#8230;.. have fun voting!


No.1683167 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:29
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „~„y„„„{„p„}„y „‚„y„€„|„y...
I was pointing out who some of these student leaders are.
I think it is resonable to focus attention on the most active student supporters of Islam in public schools as beiing in attendance and supportive of the CASMO hatefest.
Lets not turn a blind eye to hate.


No.1683172 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:29
@ContributorFlucas „~„p„q„€„‚„ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~...
Cody,you are wrong.
When you go to the HOF you do go as a member of a particular team.And if you played for multiple teams you pick the team you enter the HOF for.


No.1683129 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:28
@ContributorF„{„p„‚„„„y„~„p „p„|„}„p„x„~„p„‘ „}„€„x„p...
I'm also surprised you've lined up with Auster.
VA is an honest and good person, a valuable source of information and inspiration. Auster is a passive aggressive weasel who specializes and . Like his own liberal bugbears he actually inverts reality and claims to be the victim of VA's "attack".You stand by that?


No.1683130 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:28
@ContributorF„s„p„|„u„‚„u„‘ „r„„Š„y„„„„‡ „‚„p„q„€„„...
this is supposed to be in pounds, right?
1st CF total, coming 1 week after getting walking boot off!
BS: 119 (I think it&#8217;s a PRBench Press: 85 (hit previous PR; did BP b/c had been working on itDL: 150 (either hit or just under previous PRCFT (I think it&#8217;s more powerlifting lifts, oh well!
: 354


No.1683135 F2019/04/02(Tue) 01:28
@ContributorF„†„y„‚„}„p „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„u
let me see, the only thing diff is u have the cabbage n the oxtail while i added the beets (which my MIL doesn&#39;t n used beef shin. true borscht uses beets so i think u&#39;re thinking of msian ABC soup?


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