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No.1640419 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:24
@ContributorF„}„y„‚ „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „~„y„w„~„y„z „~„€„...
Not an accident, but an act of God, left Six Flags Over Georgia and parts of surrounding Atlanta completely under water.
Read more and watch aerial footage of the flooded park here.


No.1640441 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:24
@ContributorF„ƒ„„„€„| „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„‘
Gee, when the term “Schadenfreude” was applied to Germans by those seeking to discern the negative in German character that led to Hitler and his regime’s policies, it was not applied as a point of pride.


No.1640447 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:24
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„y„{„€„} „„u„z...
Hey Lillian, I definitely think you should see the movie.
I am a huge Tim and Eric fan and their humor and contribution to the film is unmistakable and still great, even though it’s in a more painful context.


No.1640448 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:24
@ContributorF„|„u„s„{„y„u „‚„y„ƒ„…„~„{„y „t„|„‘ „r„„...
that ADD is just a fad and he’s not convinced my husband even has it.
We need someone in our area who can help him. I have called your clinics for referrals and there is no one in the St.
Louis area. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Thank you!


No.1640392 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:23
@ContributorF„~„p„q„€„‚ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „{„€„r„...
encore de belles rencontres !!
que vos jambes et tout les vents du monde vous portent aussi loin que vous le souhaiterez !!
On attend la suite de vos aventures !


No.1640393 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:23
@ContributorF„}„p„|„u„~„Ž„{„y„u „ƒ„‡„u„}„ „r„„Š„y„r...
Hi joshua – yes, often if I arrange text information visually, it helps sink into my dense cranial bone!
I was sorry to miss much of Phil CLayton’s speaking (except for the panel at the conference in SD. He co-interpreted a great walk through an arboretum at another conference i attended and it’s when i became a fan of his thinking.


No.1640411 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:23
@ContributorF„~„y„x„{„y„u „ˆ„u„~„ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p
Nice post.
I study one thing on different blogs everyday.
It will always be stimulating to read content from other writers and observe a little bit something from their blog.


No.1640356 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:21
@ContributorF„p„|„}„p„x„~„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „€„|„u„~...
Frozen berries are the best.
I eat TJ’s frozen blueberries like they’re going out of style!
Good luck at the Scotland Run tomorrow!
Should be a fun day to be out racing!


No.1640346 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:18
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„€„} „ƒ„p„{„…„‚...
Hi Rishi,You are god sent angel on earth, thank you for sharing your work with us, Ireally enjoy your pages.
God bless and all the best.


No.1640324 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:16
@ContributorF„ƒ„p„}„p„‘ „|„u„s„{„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p
The civil and remains one of the darkest periods in the history of Greece,interest is the linkage of the period with ours today who unfortunately has been divided politically, two opposite poles.


No.1640327 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:16
@ContributorF„|„…„{„p „ƒ „~„p„q„€„‚„ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y...
The Dandenong range has got amazing scenery that you wont forget in your lifetime.
Colourful birds, tall fern trees, Mountain Ashes, beautiful gardens, lakes and flowers create a breathtakingly vivid backdrop of oranges, greens, blues, reds and yellows.


No.1640332 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:16
@ContributorF„„„{„p„~„Ž „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „{„‚„u„...
Yes, I think those who have thought to make it their personal ATM are finding or will find that backers aren’t THAT charitable.
It seems to me like something that an established author can take advantage of once or twice a year, but any more often than that is asking to be dismissed as a panhandler.


No.1640333 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:16
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „ƒ„}„€„„„‚„u„„„Ž
"I don't see much difference between dropping a quarter in a slot machine or spending a quarter every time you squeeze the trigger.
"I see it like this:Dropping quarters into a slot machine produces/requires no skill of measurable worth.Pulling the that trigger and learning to put bullets where you want them to go produces/requires a skill of immeasurable worth.


No.1640336 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:16
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „‰„u„‚„~„„u „{„€„Š„{„y
Mare dreptate cu Lb. Romana!
Dar nu este un criteriu. Din pacate.
Si chiar daca era nu era legal. Esti constient de asta, nu?
Eu am o mustrare scrisa pt.
un foc involuntar pe care la tras cel care ma schimba. Deci trasa de par sanctiunea. Normal a atras dupa ea un calificativ de BINE. Astept sa-mi dea cutia cu lucruri cum se face la corporatii cand te dau afara!
Astept cutia, ca sa ma c.. in ea si sa le-o trimit inapoi. Cu o panglica roz si cu adresa expeditorului… de Canada!
Dar inainte de asta daca-mi cere cineva ceva ca mita… Oh d’abia astept.
Stangu’ pe toba!
Cat mai canta pt.


No.1640300 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:15
@ContributorF„‚„y„ƒ„€„r„p„~„y„u „{„p„‚„„„y„~ „„€ „~„...
Mark: A bit slow?
An eight week campaign seems extraordinary.
While the date has been announced, they’re not realy campaigning yet, and parliament is still sitting until the end of this week.


No.1640270 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:14
@ContributorF„‚„y„ƒ„…„~„{„y „p„|„}„p„x„~„€„z „r„„Š„y...
zegt:Ooit stuurden wij ook kaartjes voor verjaardagen, met kerst, bij geboortes en bruiloften. Maar als wij aan de beurt waren liep de postbode gewoon onze deur voorbij. Ik ben er mee gestopt, en die enkeling die nog eens aan ons denkt terwijl we weer zo’n orginele Hallmark E-kaart krijgen. Die sturen we er dan net zo een terug.


No.1640259 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:13
@ContributorF„p„r„y„„„€ „t„|„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„‘
multumesc f mult pentru explicatie.
Eu in general cedez la opinii la romanii care locuiesc in Rom pentru e nornal: eu nu sint acolo, deci du am cum sa fiu la curent cu toate.
Dar H e si el/ea in afara, ca mine, si mi s-a parut iesit din comun atitudinea lui/ei inspre romani. Multumesc pentru explicatia ta


No.1640251 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:11
Getting Or Renewing A U.S. Passport
TDS offers visa processing usually in as little as 24 hours, online visa applications and other helpful info.


No.1640236 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:10
@ContributorF„‚„…„‰„~„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „~„p „€„t„u„...
aww i used have some doc Martins just like those floral ones when I was about 12...I should have never sold them at that garage sale ;/ heheHave a merry Christmas Hipster Musings!


No.1640245 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:10
@ContributorF„~„u„€„q„„‰„~„„u „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „{„‚„u...
Thanks Lena!
I know, everyone seems to want to take the cake decorating class.
I am going to have to figure out how to work more of those into the schedule, and then how to get more people into each class.
It would be so fun to have you!


No.1640247 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:10
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „~„p „t„w„y„~„ƒ„u
Maybe it should be legislated that all stoles must have embroidered on them in big letters: “IF YOU CAN READ THIS (down right hand side, YOU’RE IMPROPERLY VESTED (down left hand side.
”Then priests will have to cover up with the chasuble.


No.1640249 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:10
@ContributorF„~„p„q„€„‚ „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „~„y„„„{„p„}„y
i gotta admit, some of the stuff on this site is pretty bogus.
BUT like anywhere on the net, you gotta sort the garbage from the truth. i come to this site every day in search of the good stuff.. so what if i have to sort out the rest?
my mind will remain open, regardless.
whoever runs this site is doing a pretty damn good job at trying to keep it updated and maintained.


No.1640212 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:09
@ContributorF„~„€„r„€„s„€„t„~„‘„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚...
>Um, why do we allow foreign politicians to participate in our electoral process?
<Because there is no "we" anymore.
Nationalism was unilaterally thrown away as evil, selfish, hurtful. And here we - aren't.


No.1640186 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:07
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„€„} „‰„p„ƒ„
have been waiting from morning to hear your version of it !!
seems like you had a blast !!!
glad I could send my wishes from so far away .. but really couldnt think of anything creative in the last minute.


No.1640192 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:07
@ContributorF„ƒ„r„p„t„u„q„~„p„‘ „}„u„„„‚„y„{„p „r„„Š...
Following research a couple of of the weblog posts inside your web website now, and I really like your way of blogging.
I bookmarked it to my bookmark web site list and shall be checking back soon. Pls check out my internet page as well and let me know what you think.


No.1640142 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:06
@ContributorF„‚„…„ƒ„ƒ„{„y„u „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „q„y„ƒ„u„‚...
I’d say maybe 2 or 3 games interest me on that list (Mario Bros, Pikmin, maybe Rayman.None of the other games interest me.
If this list is true, then I’ll seriously consider delaying getting myself a Wii U – perhaps until a more interesting game comes out.


No.1640115 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:05
@ContributorF„ƒ„„„u„{„|„‘„~„~„p„‘ „p„|„}„p„x„~„p„‘ „r...
c27dAll of the things you have to say is astonishingly correct and yes it creates my family consider the reason why We hadn’capital t looked at this particular using this light-weight just before.
This informative article absolutely do move the sunshine in in my situation as much as this excellent difficulty should go. However, there is a definite issue I am not saying really far too confident with and even while I personally try and overcome by investing in the particular core idea of ones issue, make it possible for us view what the rest of the subscribers have got to explain.Effectively done.


No.1640132 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:05
@ContributorF„p„|„}„p„x„~„p„‘ „}„€„x„p„y„{„p „„€ „†„...
Steven baskin April 21, 2012 If I keep leaving comments does it put in more tickets for me cause I can do this all day.
But again your show was amazing and inspiring I hope I get to see you again.


No.1640133 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:05
@ContributorF„{„…„„|„ „r„„Š„y„r„{„… „{„‚„u„ƒ„„„€„}...
I remember I went to a writing competition. It was held in a commercial building and we had 30 minutes.
I got the prize and it's 1 year free subscription of Reader's Digest.
I was disappointed as I wanted something more fancy.


No.1640134 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:05
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No.1640140 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:05
@ContributorF„€„q„‚„p„x„ˆ„ „r„„Š„y„r„p„~„y„‘
stan, get with the program. Last line should read:“…just been pant up and coming out.
.”Sastry, your retorts scuk. Poor use of foul language and little venom. You could have at least sucker punched with the cf and/or nom “holier than thou tactic” and tossed around some dumb-ass fancy words so jim would have to go google them.


No.1640110 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:04
@ContributorF„{„p„‚„„„y„~„ „„€ „~„€„}„u„‚„p„} „~„p ...
Hi all, attractive perspective I see in your analysis.
You truly will add numerous powerful on complicated topic this way, so it is usually learn possibly even by the newbie.
How i working on which?


No.1640091 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:03
@ContributorF„„‚„€„s„‚„p„}„}„p „t„|„‘ „ƒ„€„x„t„p„~„y...
these are such lovely pictures!
exploring washington while you can sounds like the best idea…and alaska!
omg…it’s so beautiful. we have some friends who live there (in juno and mark has been several times…it’s breathtaking.


No.1640092 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:03
@ContributorF„„€„|„~„p„‘ „r„„Š„y„r„{„p „q„y„ƒ„u„‚„€...
I really like working will. It is similar to the evolution Lisa mentioned.
The inner higher self is what is attained at the end of enlightenment…the realization the power was within all long.
{HUGZ} xxx


No.1640094 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:03
@ContributorF„„‚„u„x„u„~„„„p„ˆ„y„‘ „~„p „„„u„}„… „r„...
I think Marvel watched this before making The Avengers.
They realized how useless Spider man was and how awesome it would be if Hulk caught Iron Man after an?
atomic blast in space.


No.1640095 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:03
@ContributorF„}„y„‚ „r„„Š„y„r„{„y „y„~„„„u„‚„~„u„„ „...
I like my milk (the little I drink as untouched as possible, so no homogenised milk for me please!
Raw milk and other dairy products would be even better… One can but dream!


No.1640098 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:03
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „ƒ„y„‚„u„~„y „r„y„t„u„€
. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the web the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people think about worries that they plainly do not know about.
You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people could take a signal. Will probably be back to get more.


No.1640061 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:02
@ContributorF„ƒ„r„u„„„|„y„ˆ„p „y„~„„„u„‚„~„u„„ „}„p„s...
I will right away grab your rss as I can not find your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service.
Do you have any?
Please let me know in order that I could subscribe.


No.1640068 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:02
@ContributorF„ƒ„€„x„t„p„„„Ž „ƒ„‡„u„}„… „r„„Š„y„r„{„y...
I’m extremely impressed together with your writing skills well with the structure for your weblog.
Is that this a paid subject matter or did you modify it yourself?
Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it is rare to look a great blog like this one these days.


No.1640074 F2019/03/31(Sun) 02:02
@ContributorF„r„„Š„y„r„{„p „„€„‚„„„‚„u„„„p
Can’t believe you found a ticket that cheap!
Looking at stuff online from the US, flights from Panama to Colombia were like 400 bucks!
Nececcitas buscar una novia colombiana.


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