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Care in billboard use

  1. This billboard is cookie correspondence. As for, the E mail, URL, and information on deletion key, when the article is contributed once, it is input since the second times automatically. (However, user's browser : for the cookie. )

  2. The maintenance number of articlesMaximum 1000 Matter.When it is exceeded, it is deleted in old the order automatically.

  3. If you are to use the bulletin board (whether contributing or just browsing), users are considered to be in agreement with the user regulations below. In the case that the user is in disagreement with the following conditions, usage of the bulletin board will be refused.  
    • We ask that bulletin board users please place self-responsibility on all contents, contact information, etc.   
    • Usage of the bulletin is not allowed in cases when the following items are pertinent.   
    • . Information on specific political parties or religious activities.   
    • . Information slandering specific organizations or individuals.   
    • . Activities for profit.   
    • . Any other things KIEA deems unsuitable.   
    • Please contact other users interpersonally.   
    • KIEA does not assure users of such things as the contents and background of the bulletin board's information.   
    • KIEA will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused in any way by usage of information filled out on the bulletin board.   
    • Please use the bulletin board after thoroughly reading how to use it.  
    • Article judged that administrator is unreasonably disadvantage   
    • It writes, and the link is prohibited though the one and less than 18 years old who offends public order and morals are influenced harmfully.   
    • Writing the contents that slandering slanders a specific individual and the group, etc. is prohibited.   
    • Others' copyrights and the one to involve some invasion of privacy
    • Sentences that become breaches of Constitution of Japan   
    • Sentences in the custodian that become disadvantages. (Immediately delete it. )   
    • Writing in violation of the above-mentioned item is deleted without a previous notice.  

  4. I hope (Only Japanese :) even [zz@raika.jp] is only a reception to the inquiry.